Sara Malinarich


Formats/Formatos: Performance, Video.


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Formats / Formatos

Yo, carolina

“There are words that  hurt  and are encysted in the  skin.   A catastrophic form that becomes mortal.”

Sara Malinarich (Guest artist to Femlink Project, on behalf of Chile)
"I, Carolina" (Video)
Sound: Odisseu Fill de Laertes
Cast: Helena Rebenaque

It based on the book "The metamorphosis" of Franz Kafka, the video "I, Carolina" exposes one of the facets of the aggressiveness.

The words like a way of violence.

For Daniel Sibony (Moroccan, French Psychoanalyst 1946), there is a crucial episode in the book. It is when Gregorio Samsa’ s sister throws him apples causing the death of Samsa.

According to Sibony these apples, encysted in the shell of the protagonist, are words. They are the reproaches that acquire a mortal form.


3th march to 15th april 2011. Rollstone Studio. EEUU
8th march 2011. Artos Foundation. Cultural and research foudation. Cyprus
3th to 25th march 2011 at TAC. Temporary Art Centre. Netherlans
12th february 2012. 7th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2012). India
March 2013. Contemporany Art Center Ujazwski Castle – Kino-Lab. Warsaw. Poland