Sara Malinarich

Stay in Place


STAY IN PLACE is a connection moment between two friends through Chat by Internet. In this sense, a teleshared space arises between them when both maintain a telematic talk by this channel.

This scene is captured by Sara Malinarich, with the intention to trap this spontaneous action in which both achieve to articulate a narration in the context of an unique and unrepeatable situation.

The woman on the upper window is Maren Pimstein, located in Santiago of Chile at 14:32 hrs. of June 12 of the 2006; the another one is Sara Malinarich, located in Cuenca, Spain at 19:32hrs of that same day.  [Read more..]

"Stay in Place reveals the resurgence of small complicities between two friends in a chat session while the screen acts as a mirror of oneself and the other, and makes us reflect about personal relationships in the presence of new technologies."

Arlan Londoño, curator


Maren Pimstein
Sara Malinarich


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2006 1313 Gallery. Digital Event. Toronto, Canadá. Curator: Arlan Londoño


Encuentro internacional de Videoescultura "Identidad-Intimidad". Biblioteca Nacional de Santiago de Chile. Chile