Sara Malinarich


Formats/Formatos: Net.Art, Vídeo.


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Shared Identities

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ID + COM is a work based on human relationships and the dependence of them about the new technologies.

In the process of the communication to distance through chats and virtual communities on the Internet this environment become a real space.  This piece, captured in real-time, is a dialogue among users with an emotional linking. The video show the complexity of the media where the relationships are founded on virtual spaces and how this environment is capable to modify the perceptions and the lives.  Through a common language and some codes, recently in practice, the caracters (avatars) of this short film confess and lie.

They represent their own avatar.  They doubt; the fact is that in the network certain guidelines are clear: the body and the message to are about to verify.  ID + COM, is the reflection of a cyberculture, impregnated of the human desires, with the property to penetrate vertically in the reality.

Dirección: Sara Malinarich
Direccion arte: Manuel Terán
Musica: Nicolás Nilo


Espacio Enter. Canarias, Spain.